Demo EGO11 & GEO2 @ CPX Sports - Video

CPX Sports have a couple of the latest Eclipse Markers there for demo to customers. They have an EGO11 & GEO2. Paul Dagnino the manager of CPX Sports told us “ I've gotten them into countless players hands and the reviews have been nothing short of great.” Paul got together with a few of their regular customers and created a commercial for the Ego11 featuring video compiled last Sunday at CPX Sports from a First Person point of view !! As well as showing the markers kicking ass the video shows what an amazing venue that CPX Sports is...

Check it out !

To play down at CPX SPorts click this link..... CLICK ME !!


  1. Both the Ego11 and Geo2 are incredibly nice and the players agree that there have been considerable improvements in the Egp11 to warrant picking one up. I definitely recommend taking one out for a test drive to see for yourself! If you are in the Chicagoland area feel free to stop by CPX Sports, I will also have both models for players to try out at Wayne Dollack's Grand Finale in Ocala, FL, Dec 4-5.

  2. I had a chance to shoot both markers out at the LSD practice. I have owned both markers over the years and only shot Eclipse for the past 5 seasons. The two newest markers from Planet Eclipse are the smoothest and most accurate guns I have ever shot. All the new features make the flagship marker of paintball even better. I can't wait to get my new Eclipse marker for the 2011 tourney season.

  3. Once Paul at CPX had made mention that he'd have a 2011 Ego and Geo2 onsite for "test drives", I had to take a look for myself. As a previous owner of both Ego's and Geo's, I already had in mind what to expect, or so I thought. These two guns absolutely blew away my expectations. The Geo2 is whisper quiet, laser accurate and you'd be hard pressed to tell if it was shooting at all in full ramping mode. The '11 Ego floored me. I'd never believe it if I didn't see it myself, but the Ego was almost as quiet as the Geo2 and every bit as smooth and accurate. There's NO WAY anyone can go wrong with either marker. Hell, I may have to get one of each! ;-) Well done, PE!!

  4. Thanks again PE for supplying CPX with these guns! Paul D. passed both guns on to me to let everyone use at our xball practices and all we heard was how amazing both guns were. you guys keep rasing the bar year in and year out! congrats!

    -LSD Paintball


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