Desert Edge UWL season round up.

Desert Edge started the 2010 season with not only high hopes, but high expectations in their quest for season title in the UWL for 2010. Especially after a mere FIVE points placed them in second place following Bob Long’s Assassins for 2009. But Desert Edge had more in their plans for 2010 than just winning the series in the Open Division. They planned to sweep the series in all three divisions (Open, Tactical & Skills) with three separate teams.

How is it possible to field three teams at a given event? Desert Edge is not only one of the largest woods Paintball teams in the United States, but they take competition seriously. While Scenario Paintball is very much a part of the roots of the team, competition paintball is where Desert Edge has found their home. The UWL has been the perfect place for them to exercise this passion. With the support of Planet Eclipse we feel anything is possible

The 2010 season started....good, but not great for Desert Edge. Their Open Division Team placed in second behind Bob Long’s Assassins. The Tactical Division Team ended up winning the event, beating such teams at Entourage and Psycho Clown Posse. The Skills Division team was more than an embarrassment for Desert Edge, since they had hoped to place well playing completely with Pump Markers (except for the heavy gunner). They didn’t take account for the well organized teams like Gat and Matty Marshal’s Daggers who had been not only playing together for a long time, but the division allows ANY mechanical marker, so Gat and Daggers and the other Skills teams in the league are fully prepared with Autocockers and Mags that can shoot well over 20bps if set up right. Desert Edge was not prepared to face that with pumps.

The second event of the series was even worse. Desert Edge Open, once again placed second behind Bob Long’s Assassins. Desert Edge Tactical didn’t even qualify for finals at that event, and the team decided not to even field a Skills team.

Mid-season brought new hope for Desert Edge as their Open team began winning events in other regions in the United States. Months of scrimmaging between Desert Edge Open and Tactical appeared to be paying off.

When it was time for the U.S. Championships at S.C. Village in California, Desert Edge hit the field feeling more than prepared. Desert Edge fielded one Open team, and two Tactical teams. All three teams landed in the finals undefeated for the event. The Open team faced their long-time rivals, Bob Long’s Assassins. Desert Edge dominated in the first half of the game, pushing nearly every player into their dead box. The Assassins had a great comeback, and captured a key objective that was nearly the deciding factor in points. In the end, the gut-wrenching battle ended up in a 13 point spread, with Bob Long’s boys taking home the title.

Meanwhile, both Desert Edge Tactical Teams ended up facing each other in the finals. With one of the most suspenseful games in the series, the two bouted it out for their chance to take home the win for the event. However, the second Tactical team managed to overtake the home flag of the first Tactical team giving them the win. Although this was a major disappointment for the players on the First Desert Edge Tactical team, who has been playing together for the full 2010 season, they still accumulated enough points for the overall season title.

Desert Edge would like to thank all their sponsors and especially Planet Eclipse for supporting us with guns and gear for the past 4 seasons. We look forward to keep working with them.

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  1. Thanks Planet, for the support. We appreciate you sharing our success.

    -Tim Saunders

  2. Great season this year, we all worked our tails off. Thanks for recognizing our efforts!


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