DoW, a season to cherish.

Another season has come to its end and people are starting to creep into their local Reball lairs. So what is new? Well, after what started as a "just for fun" project, DoW BDX took the overall series title in the Millenium Div2. We came out strong with a third place in Malaga, took a nose dive in Germany taking a fifth place, getting back on track in London with an incredible first place and ending the season with a painfully bitter sweet second place in Paris. But the overall ranking was nothing but sweet. First place and a bump up into Div1 next year.

So what can I say about the past season?

I’ve never had this much fun with paintball is one thing that’s for sure. The team has bonded in a way that I didn’t think we have done since I started playing with DoW BDX. The guns from Planet Eclipse worked fantastic. When you think" Hell, they just can’t make these guns any better than this", PE deliver a gun that just blows you away (and the poor players on the other side).
Great big thanks from DoW goes out to Planet Eclipse, Sissos, Exalt, WPP, to the other Scandinavian teams who help us out on and off the field and to ourselves for making this family one worth fighting for.

In the end of September last tournament in the prestigious SM took place in Örebro.

On Saturday morning, in the rain and mud, our teams got ready to show Scandinavian paintball who's who one last time this year. Dow 3.1 and DoW3 both knew what they wanted.

The games began and it went up and down for both our teams, but in the end both teams went through to the finals. Both the Dow teams were determined to go all the way. Having both DoW3 and DoW3.1 in the finals was the goal. Unfortunately, they didn’t go all the way. DoW3 lost in the quarter-finals. Dow 3.1 keeps the flag up high but lose in the semi-final. But the journey wasn't over! They still had the B-finals to play. They had their eyes set on a spot on the podium. And so they did, taking a third place in Örebro.

The Big question remained. Was DoW3's sixth place enough to win the series?
IT WAS! In other words Dow 3.1 took the overall third place and DoW3 took the overall first place in Div.3………………..CONGRATULATIONS BOYS!

And then came Sunday and it was Dow Oldboy turn to show that old dogs can still have a trick or two up their sleeves! In the beginning their game went up and down like a roller coaster and nobody knew where it would end. But they went to the quarter finals and then on to the semi-finals. Unfortunately this was where the roller coaster ended. Just as the Dow3.1 team, Oldboy got to play the B-final. Now they showed that they had what was needed to bring home a third place! Without missing a single spot on the podium, DoW Oldboys took the, over all, first place in div.2.


Words by Mike Walls