FUBAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Planet Eclipse gear and makers are used by all sorts of different types of Paintball player around the world. The Tournament ballers get most of the lime light and coverage so it’s nice to hear from one of the Emortal Army’s Scenario teams….

Redmer Prins from Team FUBAR let us know a little about the Team !!

Team FUBAR is a Scenario / Woods team from the Netherlands. Our players come from all over the western part of Holland, with our home field in Hillegom, near Amsterdam. In 2004 team FUBAR was formed out of a Group of students from Utrecht that wanted to play more as a team and in this way accomplish more than playing as individual players. As a team we wanted to play wood tournaments, wood competitions, walk-on-days and big games. Soon it proved we had a strong combination of players will and skills with which we quickly made a name in Woods playing paintball.

To have a strong team for the Go Scenario Competition this season and beyond we decided to merge with team Raptor (winner of the Dutch Scenario Game 2009). Together we form a team of 16 players that share the attitude and commitment that let FUBAR stand out from the rest.

A few accomplishments:
• First and second place in the Perrie Cup 2010, the Netherlands
• Second place in the Naaldhof Cup 2010, The Netherlands
• First place in Go Scenario Competition 2009, Europe.
• Third place in Go Scenario Competition 2008, France.
• Twice a year we organize the Dutch Camp at het Mahlwinkel biggame from 2007 until now.
• This year we moved with KPS (the organizer of the Mahlwinkel biggame series) to the new location Kronos paintball near Falkenhagen in Germany.
• We built and designed the indoor field in Hillegom the Netherlands.
• Marshalling and organization of the NSC (Dutch Scenario Competition).
• North VS South Big game 2010, United Kingdom
• Veckring Big game, France
• Tippmann Scenario Challenge 2010, United Kingdom

Regretfully this year there was no Go Scenario Competition so we could not defend our European title. For the 2011 we hope there will be a European scenario competition like the Go Scenario. For 2011 there will be a Dutch 7 man scenario competition that we will be attending and fighting for the Dutch title. We will also be organizing the Dutch player’s camp at the Kronos Big game series 2011.

All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without our sponsors:
Paintball Supplies, Planet ECLIPSE , PCextreme B.V., Fisher Benelux B.V. and Indoor Paintball Hillegom

Follow Team FUBAR Here: CLICK ME !!!

1. Redmer
2. Job E.
3. Patrick
4. Mark
5. Marco
6. Thomas
7. Bram
8. Jeffrey
9. Job v V.
10. Benjamin
11. Rik
12. Henk
13. Alex
14. Björn
15. Michel
16. Wido