ISU Cyclone First Season Outing.

Aaron Hebeisen from ISU Cyclone gave Planet Eclipse a quick run down of there first event of the season....

ISU Cyclone Gold were dominating all day, only dropping 3 matches in the prelims. We blew through UW Steven's Point and UW-Platteville Orange in 2 games each. We went 2-1 with Platteville Black and 1-2 against UW-Platteville Blue (P-Vegas). They are the only X-ball team in our division and always show up to play. After a two hour break, which seemed to kill everyone's momentum, we were ranked 5th and matched against the 6th ranked NDSU Bison. We played three grind out games against them, but they held out longer, which carried them to the semi-finals. ISU Red also had a solid day, and final rankings became the factor that ended up giving them a lower ranking. There ranking definitely reflect the way they played throughout the day. Our Egos and Geos performed flawlessly all day, which allowed us to concentrate on our playing instead of gun problems. This was also the first time most of our guys had played with coaching so it was a totally different mindset coming from the crowd and players on the snake side of the field. We gelled really well and with Eclipse in our corner, we'll be ready to stomp our competition the rest of the season. Thanks to everyone who made this a successful first event!

ISU Cyclones are currently ranked 8th in the NCPA

Pictures courtesy of Alex Hebeisen