LOD @ PSP World Cup

It was great to meet Team LOD at the PSP World Cup” says Marc Lancia with Planet Eclipse
You don’t really get the chance to meet the teams and players, that you talk to all the time, that are from different countries. They have showed their support and loyalty to Planet Eclipse for the entire year and its great to see them putting the effort to travel all the way from Argentina to play against all other teams in the US. We look forward to seeing them at more events in the future and hopefully one of these days I will make a trip to Argentina to see them all play there (hint hint Boss). Thanks for all the support and we look forward to seeing the team play in the 2011 season”

Team LOD, from Argentina, attended the PSP World Cup in October to compete in D3 5man. We are very happy to travel more than 10,000 kilometres to play in the best tournament ever. The organization was awesome, 10 fields, excellent referees, so many shops, all the pro players and everything together was a dream for us, a big Party for all.

I think the PSP World Cup is a obligatory stop for any team. The travel was expensive for us but...it was so BIG and we learn so much, grow up like a team, feeling the happiness in every one of us to play the most important event in the year and share that experience with the team who trained all the year was priceless.

We hope next year we could travel again with more teams (Chacales team, powered by Eclipse too, confirm the travel for the next year). This kind of event change the concept of paintball for us, we need more tournaments, more travels and we will work for that.

Thank you Marc Lancia, and the Planet Eclipse team, we are very happy with the products and we hope to use Ego11 or Geo2 next season and share the next World Cup again.

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This is a little video that Portal Paintball did at this years PSP World Cup.


This is a very quick translation for anyone that wants it in English !

Good afternoon, we are from team LOD, we came to play the world cup.
We are here with the people of Portal Paintball, hello to all

The championship was spectacular, very nice experience. We watched many pro player at the event, who play at very good level.

Sometimes in local tournaments in Argentina we would be nervous or anxious before we play, but here we were neither and enjoyed the playa dn the tournament the entire time.

The level is very good, a lot of people from different countries came to World Cup.
Again, the level is very good (the laydies too :)) very nice girls :)

We will definitely come back next year!!
Thanks to Portal Paintball and we want to say thank you to our sponsors:
Planet Eclipse
Guerrilla Tanks
Monster Paintball (who pay all the paint that we use)
and Punisherspb who is our dealer.
Ramping Store too who is our provider in Argentina.

We say thank you to Draxxus Gold, the best paint that we use.

We are 6 Argentinean and 1 Uruguay, who came to play with us, The sun was hot sometimes and had to make some changes throughout the week but we were up to everything.

We enjoyed the 12 fields and the organization was awesome.

Best regards to Portal Paintball and we will see you next year in the Millennium Cup

Everyone is invited to come to Argentina and Uruguay too.


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