Manchester Firm Open Day

The Manchester Firm Open Day - 28th November

The Manchester Firm will be holding an Open day on Sunday the 28th of November.

The aim of the day will be to introduce new players to our squad. We are not necessarily looking for people with vast experience and welcome players both new and seasoned to join us. You must have the right attitude and a strong desire to improve your game being able to train at least twice a month and not only listen to helpful advice but act on it.

We train as a squad, not just on a team basis. Due to this, players of varying levels of ability and experience are mixed together during training to ensure not only a fair and level playing field, but also the opportunity to learn from the best. Training takes place at the excellent CPPS site located near Penkridge in Staffordshire.

This year, our X-Ball team were placed 2nd overall just behind Birmingham Disruption in the CPPS with our 5 Man team placing 1st. We also finished in a very respectable 3rd place Division 1 in Paris last month.

For next year, we will be entering teams into both division 1 and division 2 for the whole of the Millennium Series season whilst on the domestic side, we again plan to have a strong presence in the CPPS series, fielding 2 X-ball teams as well as at least 1 (but possibly 2) 5 man teams.

There are many opportunities within the squad not only to improve yourself, but also to actually progress to a higher level. With excellent support from Planet Eclipse, Kee Action Sports and RPS you can guarantee you will be using the best equipment and paint available should you be successful in joining the team.

The cost of the day will be £35 per player. This includes your green fee and as much paint as you can shoot. Between games and drills, the quicker you clean yourself down and pot up, the more you will get to play.

To book in, please PM me or post up in the thread. It is important to do so to ensure we bring enough paint for everybody.

Click the link to ask any questions on P8ntballer.... LINK HERE