O M G !!!!

There are some things that should be left to the experts. I don’t try and fly airplanes; I leave that to the pilots. I don’t try and re-wire a house; I leave that to the electricians. Nicky T should have taken a leaf out of my book.

On a recent trip to California Nicky T and the Planet crew went out dinner. Nicky T spotted the OMG Burger and thought he was up to the challenge….

An eye witness to what can only be classed as an ‘Epic Fail’ said “He didn’t even make a dint in it. Nicky just picked at the salad for a few minutes and started to make up excuses about not really liking the taste.”

I at least thank Nicky T for bringing this into my life… Even the name, ‘the OMG Burger’ is amazing!



  1. Funniest thing is his thinking that he even had the slightest chance


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