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November 22nd 2010 – Paintballers 4 Autism and Planet Eclipse Ltd are happy to announce that Planet Eclipse will be a proud supporter and sponsor of Paintballers 4 Autism. Planet Eclipse will be providing some great prizes for the inaugural Paintballers 4 Autism Winter Indoor 3-Man Event to be held on January 30th 2011 at D&D Paintball in East Hartford, CT.

Richard Greenaway Co-Founder of Paintballers 4 Autism says "This is a history making day for Paintballers 4 Autism. To have the backing of Planet Eclipse as a company and the personal support of Jack Wood their Head Designer is something this young non-profit needed. This is a shot in the arm to allow us to spread the word about Autism." Richard continues "PB4A is growing and we will be able to make alot of our dreams a reality with the backing of Eclipse."

Jack Wood of Planet Eclipse Ltd had this to say: “Autism is an often misunderstood an misdiagnosed issue within young children. Over the last few months I have been able to personally witness the distress and unhappiness that a child can suffer when their actions are not understood and acted upon in the correct way by the people responsible for looking after them. The first step in making sure this doesn’t become a regular and unnecessary problem is to help educate the public about the issues faced by children who suffer from Autistic Spectrum Disorders and how best achieve an early diagnosis. Treatment and support of their issues from a very early age can help to give children the tools they are going to need in later life to reach their full potential.

Organizations like Paintballers 4 Autism and people like Rick (Greenaway) are crucial to spreading this kind of information and awareness within our community, and as such it is an easy decision to make to offer our support and backing.

Planet Eclipse will be working with Paintballers 4 Autism to help spread the word, starting with sponsoring their upcoming 3-Man Indoor Event on January 30th 2011 in East Hartford, CT. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Put in a scratch team, or just get a few guys from your local bar or field, whatever it takes, please get down there and show your support.
Over the coming months we will hope to develop the relationship and help them achieve their goals of raising money to provide help and support to struggling families with some basic but necessary services and to raise awareness of the subject of Autism and how it effects children and families.”

Paintballers 4 Autism would like to welcom Planet Eclipse to our Family of great supporters- Furious Barrels, Kohn Paintball, Paintball X3,, Cron Paintball, D&D Paintball, AirSports Paintball and Players Choice Productions.

Donations can be made directly to Paintballers 4 Autism via paypal at

At the very least please become a friend of Paintballers 4 Autism on our Facebook page where we will be updating the page with new and interesting information of a regular basis.

Planet Eclipse Ltd.