Planet Eclipse 1 off's on EBay...

As some people might know that Planet Eclipse HQ in England is currently moving. Basically the Old place is being turned upside down, boxes are being packed and all wonders of amazing things are coming out of the woodwork. Apart from some random products that the Stoney in the Mailorder department is putting up on-line at and spiders under Tomo’s desk there are also a bunch of things that have come out of Design that are simply too good to throw away. One Off’s, samples that never made final production, etc, all manner of things. So over the next week or so. We will stick the items up on EBay for people to bid on if they so desire. Starting prices £0.99

The first items are a few fashion Jewellery items that we didn’t ever produce after the initial samples… Check them out below.

Happy Bidding….

I will update the blog when more stuff goes up !


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