PSP World Cup ETV Dail-E Downloads

The Season Finale is all over… The dust has settled and the winners have been crowned. As we all know this is THE event to win. If you can be crowned World Champion you hold those bragging rights right through until it all kicks off again next season.

As well as the teams, the trade also turn out in force at World Cup. The full official launch of the Planet Eclipse EGO11 took place at World Cup and by Sunday the entire inventory had sold out, even down to the markers that Operation Sandbaggers (Planet Eclipse Staff) had been using at the event were wiped down and sold as 2nd hand.

The World Cup still holds strong in the hearts and mind of the players and industry…. If there is one event to visit… it’s the World Cup.

Planet Eclipse would like to congratulate all of our teams that have played around the world in 2010. It’s been another fantastic year for the Emortal Army winning a whole host of events worldwide, probably are best year yet.

Eclipse teams also finished strong at World Cup taking home the spoils in a bunch of categories…

Division 1 Series Champions ……….. Total Karnage

Division 2 Champions…… upTon 187 Crew

Division 2 RaceTo-2 Champions…….. Caracas Fusion

Division 4 RaceTo-2 Champions……..Seek & Destroy

Also a Special Congratz to Aftershock with their best EVER finish in Xball.. Placing 2nd in the Pro Bracket….
ETV (Planet Eclipses Video Channel) broadcasted a Dail-E Download of the event while it was running, trying to get you some scoops and interviews from the Eclipse teams along with a bit of footage thrown in there for good measure. There will be an Artifact ETV about World Cup coming soon but if you want to catch up, check out the Dail-E downloads here:

World Cup ..... THURSDAY

World Cup ...... FRIDAY

World Cup ...... SATURDAY

World Cup.... Wrap Up !

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