UWL World Championship

The fog of war descended on the impressive National Paintball Field (NPF) site on Saturday the 30th October 2010 for the Ultimate Woodsball League World Championship (UWL). Teams had arrived early from as far afield as Iceland to compete for the coveted UWL World Championship title. Last year’s runners up, ‘Operation Sandbag’ were looking to go one better but teams like the ‘Lucky 15’s’ weren’t going to let them have it all their own way. Simon Cole even put together what would have been a super team in the past: ‘Amalgamation’ but not have a full squad was never going to help.

After a long day of battles the Lucky 15’s were sitting pretty in first place and only had to score well in their last match to take the title. Operation Sandbaggers had not lost a match all day either but a low scoring win in their first match against Amalgamation meant that the Lucky 15’s could take the UWL Championship without even meeting the Sandbaggers on the battlefield. But fate is a cruel mistress and even though the Lucky 15’s won their last match, they did so with a very low score, thus opening the window of opportunity for the Sandbaggers, which they took advantage of in glorious styl. They completely dominated in their final match against the NPF home team wiping them all out three times in super quick time.

The UWL is a great format that combines competitive tournament ball with scenario style tactics on big woodland fields – It’s a massive amount of fun! I think we had something like, just under two hours of actual on field playing time throughout the day.

A very BIG THANKS have to go out to Ged and Kerry at the NPF and all of the NPF staff that make the experience so much fun. No matter if you’re a first time player or seasoned Pro, NPF is THE place to visit in the UK. I’ve never been anywhere better than NPF. I’m sure running the UWL doesn’t make the NPF guys a single penny, they still do it because they know that we still need this. This is where, I for one, started and have come back full circle to play again. I can’t compete at the highest level on a Supair field any more but I can hold my own in the woods and hand out a few kickings along the way…


UWL World Champions 2010 ……Operation Sandbag

Runners Up……….Lucky 15’s

3rd Place……. Amalgamation

For more information about the UWL or NPF quick on the links below… See you next year !