Asia Cup 2011 - BOOK IN NOW !!!

Asia Cup Race To Format...

The Asia Cup was created but a group of paintball enthusiast from around the Asian Region in 2004. It was first proposed by Philippine where we held the first Asian Tournament in Southwood Manila. Things were raw and we didn't have proper rules to begin the games only house rules were used to run the games. After our long discussion with our counterparts we managed to get the UK refs to help create a set of rules for Asia paintball tournaments.

In 2005, Malaysia held one of the first largest paintball event in Asia where 7 countries came together and 49teams in total to participate in second Asia Cup 2005. Continuing the legacy, Malaysia hosted it again in 2006 with more teams and more actions. Then we stopped in 2007 to give way to other events until current date in 2011, ASIA CUP is back again!!

Do not waste time; do not miss the chance to change what was your before and now reinstated for you again. The Asian and the Pacific Family again after 4 years.

Welcome back Asia Cup 2011!!! History in the making.