Billy Bernacchia 10 Things you might not know about me...

A few months back we did a poll to see who ‘YOU’ wanted to know a little more about… in the ‘10 Things you might not know about me’. Well Bryan Bortol from Vicious won hands down (Check his blog here: CLICK ME) but the runner up was Billy Bernacchia.

I have left this until today to launch as today is Billy’s Birthday…. So happy Birthday Billy… Tell us your ‘10 Things you might not know about me’

Basic info:

Name: Billy Bernacchia

Location: Milford Connecticut

Age: 24

Started Playing Pro: 2005

NPPL: Avalanche,
Millenium: Copenhagen Ducks,
PSP Dynasty.

1) I used to be really good at soccer. From 4 years old till 16, soccer was my life. I played for my high school team, but when paintball came into my life soccer become second and I dedicated all my time to paintball.

2) I eat Dunkin Donuts just about every day. I can't start a day without an iced coffee. My usual order is a #5: Bacon egg and cheese on an everything bagel toasted, with a French vanilla ice coffee cream and sugar, and a Vanilla frosted donut. mmmm what an amazing breakfast.
3) I put Ketchup on everything. Most people think it's weird but I'll put ketchup on just about anything: egg's, pickles, steak, mac an cheese. I even like to mix Ketchup with mayonnaise and dip my french fries in it. No serious, don’t knock it till you try it!

4) I am the only pro paintballer living in Connecticut. Yes I live in the tiny state of Connecticut, but there actually is a lot of paintball going on here. As of right now I am the only pro living here now, but I am not the only pro who came out of Connecticut, The Blonski brothers both were from here, Scott Santos (olds school GZ player), Nicky Foglia (ex. Hurricane. ) Because CT is so small most people ask, What do you do there? Well we have Beaches, Casinos and Paintball!!!!

5) In the winter I like to Snowboard in Vermont. It’s only my 4th year this coming winter, but I got addicted after my first run down.

6) I am a sucker for Apple products. I have had every iphone so far, sometimes they only change the color of their products but that doesn't matter i always have to have the most up to date!


8) I was a HUGE WWF wrestling fan up until the age of 13. I collected every wrestling figure and even went to the mall and waited hours in line with my mom to meet them.

9) I can’t sit still. I can never just sit in the house doing nothing and I love doing anything active like hiking, playing tennis, racket ball, mini golf (you need more practice at this Coz England Kicked your a$$.. Ledz), anything better than being bored.

10) I am an only child so I was pretty spoiled as a kid. I don't know the meaning of the word no.

Thanks Billy !!!

Have a great Birthday !