ETV's Artifact #5 'The Chase' Part 1

The holiday season it right on top of us, so here is a little present from Planet Eclipse.

The latest Artifact Piece #5 ‘The Chase’ is a massive full long feature (38 Minutes). This is Part 1 of 4 and is free to stream on Youtube NOW.

Planet Eclipse will also be launching a new video service in 2011 for all those customers who want to keep the Planet Eclipse ETV videos on their PC, smart phone or digital media player.

Eclipse will be adding a digital download store to our website. For a small fee, customers can download Artifact episodes and other ETV content through their I-tunes, and play them on any itunes supported device.

‘We want everyone to have the ability to stream our movies for free as well, but also have the option to download and keep the videos for a small fee."

YouTube is a great platform but it does pose issues for us. As well as the time limitations that Youtube have, we have recently had videos pulled by YouTube through their music copyright infringement program, even though we work closely with the artists and labels and license all our music.

We also had some trouble with the I-Tunes podcast channel, with people expressing to us it was difficult to find in the massive world that is the I-Tunes store.

The new video channel through the Planet Eclipse web site gives us the ability to deliver top quality paintball videos at a low cost directly to our customers, and that is who we are here to serve. Before everyone throws their arms in the air, we will still continue to put the videos on-line for FREE streaming via Youtube.

This is just one way the Planet Eclipse is moving forward to get our customers what they want, when they want it on the device they want to see it on. I can promise you that if this creates a revenue stream for us, we will be increasing the number of video projects we release. Their is still so much paintball around the globe we'd love to put our ETV cameras on, but there's only so much time and budget.’ – Ledz, Planet Eclipse Director.

Eclipse will launch the store with six of our films available; three previously available only on DVD and one FRESH release ‘The Chase’. The films will be:

- Artifact Ep 4: The Grind (2010) [10 minute feature]

- Artifact Ep 5: The Chase (2010) [38 minute feature]

-Rivalry: The Vicious-XSV Documentary (2010) [52 minute feature]

-Across the Pond: Campaign Cup (2010) [20-minute short]

-Unemployable: The Planet Eclipse Documentary (2009) [29 minute feature]

-Death or Glory: XSVs Quest for the 2006 NPPL Championship (2007) [19 minute short]

All videos in our digital download store will be priced under $10. Most will be priced under $5. With Artifacts for example coming in at $2.99 each, so ‘The Chase’ a 38 minute feature would cost just $2.99.

This will NOT affect the ETV youtube channel, where episodes of Artifact and other videos will continue to be streamed for free, in their entirety. Customers purchasing video content will however get the content first as the features will not appear on Youtube for about two weeks or longer depending on the piece. They may also we broken down into smaller videos due to Youtubes time restrictions.

Watch this space for more information in early 2011.

Have a great Christmas. We hope you enjoy Part 1 of Artifact # 5 ‘The Chase’ and we look forward to bringing you a whole bunch more in 2011..

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