Pub Crawling around the globe in 2010

Field Crawling with Pub Crawling End of the season report!!!!

Game 11
SCOTLAND!, yes you read it right. Pub Crawling it their own quiet way continue to travel to points around the globe to experience paintball at as many different fields as possible. Because fine Single Malt Scotch (Whisky to be sure) is only produced in Scotland it only seemed fitting that the team find a game there. We attended the bi-annual England versus Scotland game at Prozone Paintball in Annan, Scotland.

I must say that we also vacationed north of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland for a week and well: FUN! Distilleries, trout fishing, pubs, dolphin watches, a football (soccer) game, breweries, castles, did I mention distilleries?, and so much more.

The game was well attended. Several hundred players arrived to fight in 4 distinct battles at the Prozone field and though we fought for Scotland in this match England was able to prevail. Again history was not rewritten. We did meet some great players from both sides and Steve, the field owner, was a top notch fellow and generous; he gave us a Scottish flag, a bottle of single malt whisky, and some haggis (you know guts and intestines….some of the guys swear it’s good). We strongly recommend this field, because of this owner, and remember this was a training facility and ammo storage compound during WWII. The only thing that we all need to remember about scenario paintball in Europe is that it tends to be more big game (capture the flag) than missions and organization. Still we been to the UK twice in the last 3 years to play and we are headed back, that’s for sure.

Game 12
Splatbrothers Paintball Park in Hopewell, Virginia.

For the second time this year we played this awesome park and I know we’ll be back for 2 more game next season. Ronn and Don (field owners) are great guys and a dream to work with (kind of like Planet). They make every player special and everyone is a winner there.

The game brought together teams like South Side Killers (SSK), Assault and Battery, Capital Offense, BeBop, SOVA, and many other regional powerhouses.

Though we fought for the winning side under our commander Jet from BeBop, I believe everyone had a great time and our prize package winner walked away with an Eclipse Backpack, Eclipse custom belt, Vforce Grill mask and spare lens, DXS t-shirt, and many other excellent extras for the gear bag. If you haven’t played at Splatbrothers and you’re within a day’s (24 hours) travel and you think you’re a paintball player….you’re missing out! Come by for next years 24 hour scenario games and hang with us and play an awesome game.

Game 13
Paintball Charleston + MPP Sports + Pub Crawling = priceless adventure!

To say that the sport is not alive would be a mistake. Pub Crawling joined the likes of Greg Hastings and Ben Tippman in an event hosted by MPP sports at the amazing field of Paintball Charleston, in South Carolina.

An unparalleled event based on the infamous WWII Battle of the Bulge. Over 500 players joined in this conflict that carried on for 26 hours. This fight marks the end of a long season for the team as they have seen almost all of the country side as well as overseas to taste the paintball samples of Scotland… other Scotland samples too! (scotch)

Pub Crawling usually fights as hard as possible on this field, to make it back to the hotel in time for free drinks at happy hour (really) and an evening out for dinner with the team to reflect on the years events. Also four of us did the Spicy Sushi challenge at Bushido’s, good way to avoid paintball (or any sort of comfort) for about the next 36 hours! MJ ate half the challenge, Lemonade at 3/5 of the challenge, Lemming ate 4/5 of the challenge, and TeaPot ate 9/10 of the challenge and then threw up on the table, it was an awesome sight! We’ll be back to finish what we started. This was, of course, a challenge made famous by the TV show, ‘Man vs. Food’ (check it out)

This year has been a tough one; economy still tanking, houses bought, jobs lost, babies born, weight lost, a lot of scotch drank… loads of beer too, but always well worth it. As our 4th dedicated year with Planet Eclipse comes to a close and our 5th year begins, we are proud of our team edition Etek 3’s; which proved to be a workhorse of a marker (never letting us down, which is impressive since some of the guys on the team don’t know how to clean anything!). Along with the premium Planet Eclipse playing clothes and travel gear, our paintball travels have been made drastically more comfortable and easier by the first-class development and evolution of products Planet Eclipse creates and sells year-to-year.

Paintball Charleston is one of the southern east coast’s premiere paintball playing destinations. Combined with the organization and creativity of the never-disappointing MPP Sports, it’s like putting a twin turbo V12 in a Porsche. An amazing weekend was had by all and Pub Crawling walked away with a Most Valuable Team award to boot.

Team Pub Crawling would love to sincerely thank the players of this event on both sides that were nothing less than considerate and noble to play against and with; we’ll be back because of all of you.

Finally, we are happy to note that though we don’t value awards more than the fun and the sport we did receive 4 Most Valuable Team awards, 4 Most Formidable Opponent, and 1 Generals Special Service awards this season. It is always an honor to be recognized by our peers.

We hope to see you out there next season. Look for a big announcement from the team on January 3rd!

Colin ‘MJ’ Andrzejczyk......Captain, Pub Crawling
Chris ‘TeaPot’ Shanks.......Co-Captain, Pub Crawling
Malcolm ‘Maniac’ Manuk......Co-Captain, Pub Crawling