Shaft4 Boost Kits... OUT NOW !!!

This Shaft4 Boost kit allows you to add two extra's backs to your existing Shaft4 barrel that comes as standard on GEO2 and EGO11 Markers.

Extra's Backs are 1 x Bigger @ .693 and 1 x Smaller @ .0685


Anodising is NOT an exact science and thus colour matching your existing barrel will be a little hit and miss. Please do not expect an exact match as your will probably be very disappointed, but you might also be very happy as we do try very hard to get the best possible match, but those pesky Ph levels keeping changing :-)

Coloured 'Special Edition' kits are limited and have been done to match existing colour ways on the EGO11 and GEO2. Or mix it up to make your own unique combo..When they are gone then they are gone.


  1. Will there be a kit available for the Dynasty editions? Or do we have to call special for that?


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