Toys For Tots

Team IYAOYAS is raising money for Toys For Tots again this year.

From Dec. 1st till Dec 14th, you can donate here: CLICK ME TO DONATE !!!!

On the 15th, all money donated will be used to purchase new toys to deliver to the local Marine Corps Recruiting office.

Amoubnt raised will be updated on the site daily


  1. Were hoping that the support of everyone will see our best year yet. With so many families, who never thought they would be in a tight situation, indeed being in them, This drive will ensure that the youngins dont go without this Holiday Season!!!

    No matter what your religion or holiday season is, ALL can agree, its about the children!!!

  2. Great choice, glad we could give some gifts this season!

  3. Feels great knowing that you helped put a smile on a child's face on Christmas morning, that otherwise may not have had a real Christmas.

    This is one of the most worthy charities I know of.


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