Black Karma season opener !

Black Karma kicked off its fourth season in 2011 at Urban Scenario’s Operation: Nobel Cause at the Alabama National Guard MOUT Range at Fort McClellan in Anniston, AL. MOUT is Military Operation in Urban Terrain or in other words this is where the military trains for urban warfare. The only way to describe paintball at a MOUT site is non-stop, heart pounding intense action. The game is played in a town setting and the gun fights go from the woods to the streets into the buildings and eventually room to room. Another element of MOUT site paintball that differs from other forms of paintball is adjusting to fighting people in third and fourth story windows or on rooftops of buildings while you stand on the street. Just when you adjust to the fighting above you, someone sneaks through the sewer system to get behind you and shoot you in the back. Some of our unlucky opposition learned what it is like when Karma catches up to you and it was not good for them.

Violence is slowly intensifying in the small fictional village of Alma-kurz as the Hammer of Light militia has invaded and taken control of the village. The political process has failed to find a peaceful resolution to allow the militia to coexist with the few remaining Alma-Kurz inhabitants. Black Karma was part of the United Front Coalition tasked with ousting the militia from the village. The game began with the coalition attempting to infiltrate the village but the militia was waiting for us and the battle was on. Much of the first day saw the coalition trying to stamp out the pests on the militia but every time we were about to finish them off they pushed us back just enough to get by for a bit longer. Black Karma spent the day attacking from the flanks and forcing the militia back into the holes they crawled out of. The second day saw the tides turn a bit and the militia really brought the fight to us. The militias change in strategy lead to some intense room clearings and close quarter gun fights. The final battle concentrated all the fighting into one section of the city and Black Karma took up positions in the upper stories of a building and just rained down misery on the militia below. At times there was so much gray MOUT paint in the air it almost looked like fog was settling into the city. At the end of the day, the coalition and Black Karma emerged victorious!

A special paint was utilized for this site as well that had a clear shell and gray concrete color fill to blend in with the buildings and expedite clean up afterwards. Black Karma’s Geo2’s, Ego’s and Etek3’s apparently really liked the paint because we put a great deal of it through them all weekend without any problems. Our Eclipse gear performed great and held up to the rigors of urban paintball warfare. Urban Scenario ( is planning on having games across the country at other MOUT sites so be sure and check them out if they are in your area! If you want to get more info about Black Karma or find out where we're playing next please go to and .