Brute Force kick of the season with a win !

This weekend, Team Brute Force attended the Cold War Scenario at Xtreme Paintball in Connecticut. For us, this was a long awaited and anticipated event. Why? Because for one, this event is the kick-off of the 2011 season. Also, because it was our first run with the new guys we picked up over the winter.

The team arrived in the Constitution State on Friday, after a long and treacherous journey that went over the river, and through the woods, all in the dead of night. Finding our hotel proved to be a bit of a challenge, because of a GPS data entry error by a member that shouldn’t be named, to save her embarrassment. Ironically, we stumbled upon Xtreme Paintball itself in our search for the elusive hotel. We stole a glance at the field in its after-hours, and knew right away that in the day that followed, we would have our hands full.

Hands full of shovels, that is. After a slumberous night with bellies full of Jake’s Wayback Burger’s delicious cuisine, we arrived at the field just after sunrise. Here we were joined by our remaining members, who had taken the long drive up that morning. Once we shoveled the snow out of the way, we set up the symbolic Brute Force compound, made up of two Planet Eclipse tents and our banner hanging in the door. Shortly after, our comrades, the Connecticut Commandoes, showed up and set up shop next door. We talked for a bit about game strategies, maneuvers, and plays, and before we knew it, the time was high noon and the game was ready to start.

However, there was an interesting twist added to the game. We were put on a different side than the Connecticut Commandoes, which pitted the two largest teams at the event against each other.

The first game was a standard attack and defense mission, with the Russians (our team) defending a satellite launch site, while the G.I. Joes tried to occupy it. During the 30-minute mission, the Joes got close, but alas, they did not get a cigar. 150 points for the Russians.

The snow, with no previous tracks having been set in it, was a giant trap. Every step was a leap into the mystery that lied under the blanket. The white death was a game changer, slowing even the fastest players. Bryce McCarthy of Brute Force took a spill. merely standing at the chronograph station. It was a horrible site, to witness him lose the grip on his Etek when he fell into the snowbank. He seemed pretty alarmed too, but the AM’s metal frame held up. The gun still shot like a dream, and Valken tank cover saved the tank. Oh yea, and Bryce was okay too.

The next two games were stalemates. The teams were just too evenly matched. We tried to make a Commandoes to Brute Force in-game alliance, to make the missions more interesting. However, the heat and fear of battle quickly evaporated our alliance. There were no hard feelings though; we had fun shooting at each other. Just like how two lion cubs fight in the Savannah.

It was time for the final battle. The score at this point was Russians with 150 points, and the G.I. Joe’s with nil. Following suit with traditional scenario games customs, the final battle was worth 150 points. Victory for the Russians would mean the end of the day, and an American victory would lead to a final deathmatch.

The final match was played on Xtreme Paintball’s spool field, a typical capture-the-flag game. Having an abundance of paint and nowhere to bring it after the event, we filled our Valken packs to capacity, each one of us carrying 7-9 pods. We were ready to light up a storm.

After the buzzer started the match, the paint was flying. Balls were colliding in the air. Paint was literally raining down onto the field. Without our artic-resistant Egos, Geos and Eteks, we would have had a large number of paint-chopping accidents, which we saw many fall victim to during this fateful match. Had an alien seen the field, he would guess Earth snow was rainbow. Both teams had each other pinned down, and it looked like we had another stalemate on our hands.

The match came down to one ballsy move by Bryan “The Flash” Lebeau. Bryan, being a big fella, sprinted to the flag and ran it back to the base. The rest of the team was able to defend it for the remaining time, locking-in the Russian victory.

Once the adrenaline wore off, we packed up the gear, and crammed it back into Bryan’s truck. Then, it was time for the awards and raffles. Nolan Aldridge of Brute Force was given Russian MVP, which he very much deserved. At the end of the day we had some excess paint, so we added it to the raffle prize. Ironically, we and CTC won the paint. We never imagined giving away paint to be so hard.

When the prizes were gone, the awards were given, and the rest of the gear was stored, the team took a ride back to Jake’s for one last hurrah with the Commandoes. We talked about past events together, the fun we had that day, and the future we were going to have as an alliance with the other PnL Paintball teams. It was getting late, so CTC said their “see ya laters” and headed home. We had a long journey back waiting for us, so we did the same.

In the grand scheme of things, the year started off with a bang. Despite some trouble that had aroused before the event, and even on the day of the event, we still had fun and got our message out there. We got a taste of what the rest of the year is going to feel like, and we like the shape of things to come. And even though some members couldn’t make it, we know they feel the same way. 2011 is our year, and we’re going to take it by storm.

Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to everyone that makes our paintball adventures possible! Planet Eclipse; for providing the best markers out there that can perform tip top in any condition or weather! Valken; for providing the best paint on the market that despite the under 30 degree temperatures shot great all day long! Energy Batteries; for providing batteries that perform flawlessly in the hot or cold holding the longest charge! And Exalt; for providing the best looking paintball apparel, soft goods, and speedfeeds around! Without the support from these great companies Our 2011 season and our paintball dreams just wouldn’t be possible - Thank You!