Service Scandinavian Style....

Scandinavia has always been a paintball hotspot with some of the most disciplined and skillful players of recent years emanating from the region. Eclipse are fortunate to have a strong following throughout Scandinavia, largely due to the support and service offered by our network of dealers in the vicinity which includes the likes of specialized companies such as Sissos, Paintball Norge, Wiseguys, Hypersports, Stratec, ED Trading, Powerplay and Copenhagen Paintball Arena. With the popularity of Eclipse markers and products continuing to rise over recent years; two of Sweden’s most recognized paintball players, Mikael “Micki” Manner and Hans “Hasse” Fagerstrom from DOW, have taken it upon themselves to branch out and enhance the level of support that it is available to Eclipse customers throughout Scandinavia by formally establishing Tech Centre Sweden as a universal Scandinavian Eclipse Service Centre.

So what does this mean? Basically think of them like the technical/paintball version of the A-Team! They won’t be able to turn your Ego11 into a cabbage launching machine, but if you have a tech problem that your local dealer cannot assist you with then these are the guys to go to! They already have a full complement of Eclipse Spares in stock ready to bring your marker back to life and following their recent visit to our new HQ in Manchester earlier this month, are now also armed with the most up to date technical knowledge and procedures. Tech Centre Sweden are fully authorized to undertake Warranty work on behalf of Eclipse throughout Scandinavia and have asked that anyone wishing to send a marker into them for repair, downloads, completes and includes the following form with their marker, ensuring that they have contacted Tech Centre Sweden to get a valid RMA number prior to sending:

As well as offering a permanent postal address into which customers can send their markers into as well as various means of contacting them, they also anticipated attending the entire Paintball SM series in 2011 and are actively seeking other events at which they can assist customers with their technical expertise. So tournament organizers in the area; you now have no excuse for not enhancing your events with their presence!

Tech Centre Sweden can be contacted by the following means:


Skype: techcentresweden

Twitter: techcenterswe

Mailing address: Cadmac Hb
Att: Hans Fagerstrom
Lacours gata 4
25231 Helsingborg,