Evolve or Die !

It was an early start for the Carlisle Evolution boys on 20th March setting off at 4am. We were off to the 3rd round of the Midlands Masters event held at Uttoxeter to play the Race to 2 format.

Having not trained in the off season and having a bad round the month before we expected a hard fight. We knew the other teams would be on fire especially DV8 who would be heading for their first Division 2 event of the millennium series the following weekend.

After the long journey we got to site in good time and began preparing for the event ahead. The weather was great as was the playing surface

The team walked the field which was the Paris layout and put down plans on how we felt the field should be played. The T-Bag side looked strong and there was a clear lane for our back guy to lane snake side off the break.

We were all kitted out in our new 2011 Planet Eclipse gear and shooting the EGO 11 and GEO 2’s so we were prepared for a battle and shooting RPS All Star supplied by Just Paintball. Coaching sorted and pit crew ready we were eager to get on for our first game.

The call came Evolution Vs JCS Eagles a grudge match that’s been going since the 5man events of 2010 with JCS being the winners overall. First game nerves showed and we lost the first point with JCS playing their usual tight and aggressive game play, second point we settled down and brought it back to them making it a point each. The third point JCS brought it again and won the deciding point and the game. This was a bad start to the day and straight away put us on a downer. We also knew we had to play them again later in the day.

Rallying the guys we got ready for the next game which was against the division 2 millennium team DV8, this was the last team we wanted to face after just being beaten by JCS Eagles. This game started and we took a guy off the break which set us up to bring the Evolution Pain Train to DV8. The game ended 2-0 to us. We were over the moon and on a high. Next game again we won 2-0, then the next 2-0, we were on fire and no one could stop us. Final game of the day was another game against JCS Eagles. The first point was a long drawn out affair with neither team wanting to lose. The end result was a point to Evolution. The second point started and both teams lost a few bodies but again everyone played very tight. One minute was called on the clock and Evolutions coach decided to tell the players to keep tight and run the clock down to win the game 1-0.

A quick look at the score board showed that Evolution had come 1st and you could not have found a happier set of lads.

It was down to excellent teamwork and great paint combined with the Planet Eclipse gear.

Damo - Manager/Captain

Players: Adam, OJ, Fris, Stu, Jamie, Graeme, BigSte, Paul, Ian.

Well Done Guys, it's great to hear from all our teams kicking a$$ around the world... Well Done !