EXPL turns out to be a NIGHTMARE !

Nightmares Madrid raises to victory in the first round of the EXPL 2011 (Spanish Paintball League X-Ball) held in Madrid on the 6th March.

After losing just one point during the preliminary rounds, the Madrid team was presented to a much greater challenge in the semifinals. This round against Biohazard Mercury seemed to be much more competitive losing the first point; however the Nightmares reacted well and made a much more aggressive game in the snake area, and got three consecutive points, which gave the pass to the final.

The final was going to be epic with two great teams (Madrid Nightmares vs Triballs), but was a mere formality, since Madrid Nightmares raced to victory in the final in just 3 minutes, Triballs suffered an injury to one of its players in the 2nd semifinal (Maniacs vs Triballs) which may have affected the performance of Triballs, they fought on and tried to combat Madrid Nightmares style of play with a type of game a little more conservative, but this could not even slow Madrid Nightmares down.

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