First Orders at the Bar !!!!

On February 2011 19-20, Pub Crawling attending the MPP scenario game based upon the classic movie RED DAWN at Bearclaw Paintball in Fayetteville Tennessee. With 400 players in attendance this game was a perfect season opener and Pub Crawling played for the oppressed Americans against the invading Soviet and Cuban forces.

At the end of the game the Americans pulled out a 800 point win and Pub Crawling walked away with a Most Valuable Team award from our general and a Sportsmanship award from the opposing general (that is quite rare, like a good single malt whisky).

As usual Pub Crawling hooked up one lucky player with our Prize package, a big thanks to our 2011 supporters for their ongoing generosity.

Next up we are attending the MPP scenario game held at Paintball Charleston in South Carolina. Though we do not know who we are playing for yet, we encourage all players to come on out and join us for a great weekend of fun on March 19-20.

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PUBCRAWLERINES!!!!!! (if you know the movie; then this should make you laugh)