Hybrid Foto get Eclipsed !

HyBrid Foto, like Planet Eclipse, started out small but has become a rapidly growing company from southern Sweden that specializes in paintball and extreme sports photography. They have quickly become a one stop shopping for photography, print and design for teams all across Europe and soon hopes to expand to the US market.

“I’ve been in paintball since 1999 and have grown quite fond of the sport and the people in it. It was our main goal when we started our company to strive to give the players what they need when they needed it. We wanted our photography to show the emotions and passions of the players in this amazing sport. Planet Eclipse is helping us to achieve that goal. They care not only for the players in the sport but the others that are involved as well. We look forward to a rewarding partnership with Planet Eclipse” says Ami Helge, one of HyBrid Foto’s owners. HyBrid Foto is happy to be a new member of the Planet Eclipse family in the 2011 season. Eclipse will be providing world class protection to these three photographers as they deliver hard hitting, adrenaline pumping paintball photos of events from around the globe. Ami, Mats and StÃ¥le will be sporting the 2011 line of Eclipse protective gear.

“While on the field shooting events we often take a great deal more hits than the players, as we move to get those all so important shots. With Eclipse’s new Overload Elbow pads protecting my arms it will be much easier to shoot from different angles as the padding sticks with your arm, following my every move unrestrictedly. We tend to take a great deal of hits in our sides and hands, but this year Eclipse has got us covered. The Overload jersey and Gauntlet gloves will give us the peace of mind knowing we can get our cameras up and in position without worrying about risk of hits to those tender areas on the hands, ribs and under the arm” says Ami.

Players aren’t the only one who get down and dirty on the field. “Paintball is a fast sport. We need our protection to be unrestrictive yet stay where is supposed to. We get down on our knees or lay down on the fields to get some pretty amazing shots. With Eclipse’s new Overload knee pads and Distortion pants we can still continue to do our job without being slowed down. The days of hurting knees and being slowed down on the field with bulky protective gear are over.”

HyBrid Foto will be providing world class photography to Planet Eclipse throughout the 2011 season from events such as Millennium Series, PSP, Swedish Paintball SM, Norwegian Paintball Liga, Danish paintball events, Portugal, NPPL and Asia World Cup. Future project include such items as: high quality photo books that paintball players will come to enjoy for the years to come.

You can find HyBrid Foto on the web when they aren’t on the fields working at:

or their Facebook fan page – WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HYBRIDFOTO