More Pub Crawling....

GAMES 2 and 3 for Pub Crawling................

The second game of the season brought the team to Charleston, South Carolina on March 19-20 for the MPP Scenario game held at Paintball Charleston; a very cool field with cool features and terrain. This game was a World War 2 theme based up the invasion of Italy. We played for the Allies and this game developed into rout (this does happen in scenario games, but it is not that common…like a good single malt whisky) with our side winning the game 5900 to 2200. The score did not reflect the level competition during the gun fights; it was just that we were able to accomplish many more missions throughout the 2 day game.

At the end of the day we walked away with another Most Valuable Team award and hooked up another player with the ‘Pub Crawling Prize Package’. Of course following these long road trips, always comes the drive home, this time it was a 18 hour drive pulling the team trailer. Now we begin a 12 week stretch of a game every 2 weeks.

On April, 2 we travelled to Philadelphia (New Hanover), Pennsylvania to play the TSSOC scenario game held at Poco Loco Paintball. This field is fun, especially if you’re part mountain goat! Lots of boulders, LOTS! This of course makes for great angles and super bunkers.
The game was based on the The Army of Darkness movie and was well produced and reffed. We played for the humans against the dedites. At the end of the day we were awarded the Most Valuable Team award for the humans and we won the game 3600 to 3100.

This has been a great season so far with 3 wins and 3 MVTs and 1 Sportsmanship award, but more importantly the team has been working GREAT together on and off the field and we have played some fun fields, great games, and continue to meet great players out there.

4/16-17 we play our next game at Splatbrothers Paintball in Hopewell, Virginia. This field is AWESOME. We hope to see you out there, until then…follow us at

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