Eclipse DOMINATE Around the World

Last weekend was one of the biggest on the calendar with the Pals Asia World Cup happening in Langkawi, Malaysia and the final leg of the NPPL also happening in Vegas, USA. Not to mention the IWC – International Woodsball Championships in Malaysia!

If you have been stuck under a rock for a week and don’t know the result let me fill you in...

Let’s start with the NPPL. Obviously, teams were competing for the Vegas Title but also for the NPPL Series titles.

Planet Eclipse teams came flying out of the gates at this one and scooped the top three podium places in the Pro’s:

Boooom !!! Great result for Aftershock. Dynasty taking 2nd place also gave them the series title to go alongside their PSP series title for 2011, making this a VERY impressive year for Dynasty. But just one division lower Dynasty 2 were taking home the 1st place gold medal for the event, with Impact Echo matching their Pro teams result taking 3rd Place which also gave Impact Echo the Div 1 NPPL Series Championship. Not a bad day in the office.. :-)   Well done everyone.

A few thousand Miles away on the beautiful island of Langkawi, Malaysia, Team Datis were also tying up the end to a great season. Planet Eclipse sponsored Team Datis from Iran not only won the Pals Asia World Cup but also secured the Pals Series title. They also show depth in their squad with sister team Diako winning Div 3.

The Pals Asia World Cup was a pretty impressive event for many reasons and if anything is going to raise the tournament circuit bar then this may well have been it…

And last but certainly not least was the Command and Conquer International Woodsball Championship in with a scratch team with three Brits (Dickie and Jim from Disruption and Ledz), Dean from Raskals and the rest of the Warriors calling themselves 'Raskals Avengers' beat seven time .. YES seven time reigning champions ‘Team Unknown’ to take away the title…Not a bad first woodland tournament outing for the Etha…

A brilliant weekend for Planet Eclipse teams around the world….

We take our hats off to each and every one of you . . .  There is always time to join the right army !!



  1. NPPL action...Not only did Eclipse sweep the podium,but they also amde the top 3 for the series :Dynasty 1 for the series...Impact 2nd and Aftershock 3rd.


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