If you can't take the Heat.....

...... stay out of the netting !!!

Becoming series Champions for the first time is often hard enough, reclaiming that same title the next year seems to be even harder.

Besides having to prove themselves in the highest leagues of the Millennium and the DPL, Amsterdam HEAT had to battle its way through the best teams Holland had to offer in the NPL. As small as The Netherlands might be, the country seems to produce an interesting amount of passionate teams. It’s amazing to see how fast new players and teams develop themselves in this modern day.

That’s why the almost flawless Championship in 2010 would have to make place for a four weekend long grind. Teams like, Bad Boys, Relics, Ferox and even the Belgium SPL team Overdrive were all ready to rip the fabric off the freshly printed HEAT jerseys. Luckily none of them could withstand the heat the team managed to generate. With not a single match lost the combined forces of Amsterdam HEAT and HEAT II could once again step onto the highest podium place of the NPL.

A good team knows how to win, a great team knows how to win consistently and don’t we all know having the right gear in your hands is decisive. The players from Amsterdam HEAT have been with Planet Eclipse for quite some time now and having products made specifically for top-notch performance makes all the difference.

The team will continue to shoot the magnificent GEO’s and EGO’s throughout the next season and is determined to show the damage it can do.

Thanks to Yilkee.net powered by go-beyond.nl for the pictures.