Iowa State Paintball - Update

Figured it had been a little while since our last team update.  Here is what's going on with Iowa State Paintball, as well as an overview from our last Tournament.

On November 12, the ISU Cyclones traveled to The Missouri Open, at RiverSplat Paintball in Moscow Mills, MO, just outside St. Louis to compete in our second MICT event.  We brought two teams to this tournament, which made up 40% of the 5 team total at the event.  Both ISU Gold and ISU Red started out the day strong, with Gold going 3-1 in the prelims and knocking out Kansas University and  Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST) in two games a piece in the Race-2 format.  MST was the team that beat Iowa State out at Event 1 for 3rd place.  ISU Gold dropped one series to Arkansas University, Who also went 3-1 in the prelims.  Coincidentally, Arkansas only dropped point was to ISU's Red line.

Leading into semi-finals, Arkansas beat out ISU Gold by 1 point, giving them a bye straight to finals.  ISU Gold had to prove we deserved to be there and play another series against MST, who edged out ISU Red by 1 point in the prelims.  ISU Red ended the day in 4th place, which considering they had 4 freshman and 3 players who were brand new to NCPA play, was a pretty good showing.  The boys had some controversial calls but kept it together and definitely gave us (ISU Gold) a run for our money.  Next time, we might have to think twice about strategizing with them in the hotel the night before! 

ISU Gold had two rounds aginst MST with no points.  The first was called no point on account of a dirty ISU flag hang and the second was because our idiot captain (myself) yelled to grab the flag right after I got shot and was on my way off the field.  The 3rd game was all us though, and we moved on to play Arkansas.  We kept the games close and without penalties.  With coaching from our Red line, we were able to keep Arkansas out of the snake, which had been owning the field all day.  In the end, Arkansas ended up beating us 2 games to 1, giving us 2nd place.

The Egos and Geos shot sauce all day, even with the paint at the event being a little bit oblong and disfigured.  We were proud to represent Planet Eclipse at the event, and hopefully we can bring home some More trophies for Iowa State and Eclipse when we start up again next Spring!

Aaron Hebeisen
Senior, Animal Ecology- Wildlife
ISU Paintball Club President