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Here at Planet Eclipse we try very hard to give the players that purchase our equipment the best possible customer service we can. We spend a huge amount of time and money travelling to events around the world teching customer’s markers.

Some of the places we travel too are quite far away and sometimes remote. We never simply want to arrive, help and then leave with the players praying we will come back soon. We always try and train as many Dealers as we can while we are there so that they can service the player’s needs while we are away at other events. But even this sometimes isn’t enough. We realise that there are different types of players around the world. Some just want to air up there marker and go and play, some players want more than the knowledge you can get from a manual (even if the Eclipse manuals are brilliant) isn’t as good as hands on training. Some people simply don’t have the luxury of having a dealer nearby.

At the recent World Cup Asia Pals events in Langkawi, Malaysia we introduced our ‘Players Maintenance Class’. After the extensive dealer class had finished players were invited to book into the Players Maintenance Class, 90 minutes long, the class walked the players through simple day to day maintenance of their markers to keep them running in tip top order.

You do see some sights, with markers that were 2 or 3 years old that had NEVER been serviced starting out thick with dirt and grease, leaving running smoother than ever and all gleaming.

The Players Maintenance Class will become a regular feature at events whenever we can fit them in. So keep your eyes open for the next class near you. 

Thanks to everyone that attended the class and for Skirmish Asia for hosting the event.


  1. I don't own a planet eclipse marker yet... but hope to soon. But would there possibly be a way where you could take video of some of the techniques/ things taught at these classes? I just think that would be another way to provide ongoing support for those players that do have questions as well.


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