South Beach Pimps giving back !!!!

The South Beach Pimps dropped a quick update this week on what they have been up too and what they thought of there 'South Beach Pimp Edition GEO 2.1'..............Read On !

The Pimps have recently received our South Beach Pimp Edition GEO 2.1s. This is my first spool valve marker. I have been using EGOs and ETEKs since they were introduced in 2005, and  I really wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would be well designed and a quality marker. Planet markers always are. I was not prepared to be blown away by the marker.

Out of the box, it just flat out performed. I put three cases through it with no issues at The Human vs. Zombie event. The speed was exactly what it should be, super fast. But what really blew me away was the way it felt in my hands. Super light and low.  Really nice tight feel that enhances your snap shot.  Needles to say, the finish was awesome and exactly the way Planet promised.

The real test came this weekend at the Toys for Tots charity event at Old River Paintball in Ocklawaha, Florida. The Pimps were there donating our time as referees, but my teenage son was there to play. So, I let him use the new beauty. He put a couple of cases through it as only a teenager can.  The marker was unstoppable, never a break or issue. Definitely a must have marker!

At the 'Toys for Tots' event the South Beach Pimps provided the refereeing and Rex Green, owner of Old River Paintball, provided free entrance with a toy for the Toys for Tots charity. The field is awesome and the weather could not have been better.

After the game, came the feast in true Pimp fashion. The day's play was followed with a pig roast, Miami style. John Navarro of the Pimps did the cooking and Rex supplied the pig. The pig was slow roasted over 6 hours in the Cuban fashion. Dilicioso!

This was the second time the Pimps donated their time to facilitate this charity event. In the words of Mike Tolnay of the South Beach Pimps, "We get so much from this game that we have to give something back. A lot of children are going to have something to smile about this holiday season." 

JC Murray