20th Anniversary Collectors Editions

In 1991 Julian and Ledz started a small Paintball company called Paintball Planet. As Paintballers, the goal of this company was to get the greatest and latest paintball gear from around the world to Paintballers in the UK.

Over the last twenty years the company has evolved, grown, and changed its name to Planet Eclipse that now makes one of the finest lines of Paintball Markers and accessories the World has ever seen.

The core goals of Planet from 1991 are still the very same goals we have in place today. We are constantly pushing ourselves and our products to bring today’s players the very best that we can offer them. We still play and we still realise that playing Paintball in whatever arena you choose, is all about having fun. Winning is fantastic and Planet Eclipse teams around the world bring back trophy after trophy and series championships and we hope they have still have fun doing it.

Not everyone plays on one of our Pro teams, but everyone deserves the same level of performance, quality, reliability, customer service and support. These simple core goals have been our mantra since 1991 and we will fight to uphold them into the distant future.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary we have taken our Flagship markers the Ego and Geo and created only twenty perfect pairs. Each pair is presented in a hand crafted, mahogany finish wooden display case and comes with both the CSL EGO and the GEO 2.1 with custom milling and custom graphic anodising. Both markers will have a complete barrel kit and carbon fibre tips (three backs and two tips per marker) they also have matching numbers (as well as the normal serial numbers) from one to twenty giving them that extra special unique quality. Planet Eclipse will also create a special page on the web site listing the lucky owners of these very rare, very special, perfect pairs.

So… the question is how much and how do you get your perfect pair?

Well, that isn’t going to be easy. Out of the twenty perfect pairs of 20th Anniversary Edition Collector’s Item markers there will ONLY be a few sets sold to the general public.

There will be two or three sets that will go up for auction for collectors to bid on.

There will be two or three sets that will be donated to charities.

There will be two or three that will be sold via the Planet Eclipse web site.

One Set is reserved for a very special New Year’s competition.

The remaining pairs will end up in the hands of people that have worked with us and been by Planet Eclipse's side and in the trenches since the very beginning. There is a huge list of people that we need to thank for all of the hard work that they do tirelessly supporting Planet Eclipse but these 20th Anniversary Edition sets unfortunatley can’t get to everyone that deserves one, so to everyone that works with and for Planet Eclipse, be it on the fields teching; in Planets offices and production facilities; on the forums; in the local stores; the big distributors or the players on the field. We thank each and every one of you. Without the people that have stood alongside Planet Eclipse believing in what we do we would not be here twenty years on.


Markers are will be built and ready to ship in Early 2012, so keep your eyes open for more pretty cool announcements soon !


  1. if any one trys to split up any of these sets they shall be hunted down and made to pay. one day i shall have you

  2. OMG - The Ego is stunning. Geo too, but I like the form of the Ego better.

  3. Please let me know what I can do to purchase or bid on these wonderful pieces of history and art!

  4. Please let me know where I can buy it these wonderful pieces of history and art!


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