2nd Hand Marker Clear Out!

Here at Planet HQ we seem to get quite a build up of 2nd hand markers over the year that are sometimes used and abused by friends and family or simply used for testing. Regardless of what they are used for they end up sitting around here and not a lot happens to them until someone stubs there tow on one and shouts ‘Get these things out of here’. So that’s what we are doing!!

Some pretty sweet bargains here for someone to snap up.

Check out the Sales section at the top of the Store and find the Markers under Xmas Bargains…. Or Click here !!

There are also loads of other Christmas Bargains on stuff in the others sections under the IT’S CHRISTMAS section so check it out and pick up a Christmas idea for you or a loved one (lets face it, its for you isn’t it).

It’s first come, first served. So be quick !!