Indoor Paintball in Finland anyone?

Finnish summertime is perfect for paintballing. The weather is usually sunny but not too hot, cool breeze travels through the air, everything you see is beautiful greens and blue skies. But unfortunately there are three other seasons as well.

To cope with those “not so great  for paintball” seasons and to make it possible to play paintball throughout the year Paintball Sissos ltd has opened a new indoor arena in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. Instead of going the traditional route of trying to find a low budget , just big enough for some bunkers to get a couple of games going during the winter, Sissos went all out with this one. We rented a whole floor from a huge industrial building, commonly nicknamed as “The Bunker”, with a whopping 5000 square meters of floor space.

Specs:....Heated, almost full sized millennium field (30m x 45m) with no interfering support pillars, turf, double safety nettings, pit & staging areas with tables for several simultaneous playing groups, 4500PSI air fills, kiosk with refreshments and some common paintball items for sale. For recreational ballers and rental groups the field can be equipped with  scenario bunkers (along with the existing Millenium field bunkers) to make things even more interesting and appealing.

During business hours you can also visit Finland’s largest paintball store, conveniently on the same floor as the field, along with our fully stocked warehouse and paint warehouse. Everything is situated under one roof to make it effortless for the customer to come in and get his paintball fix from one spot.

It doesn’t matter anymore if it’s raining, cold, freezing cold or just too dark to play outside. Now you can experience all the fun in the center of Finland’s capital.


Weekdays and saturdays
From 8AM to 4PM 29€ per person
From 4 to 8PM 49€ per person

59€ per person
Prices include rental equipment and 200 paintballs

Private practices for teams
2 hours 60€ +10€ per person
3 hours 80€ + 10€ per person


  1. Amazing!!! I was actually searching for indoor paintball field online and finally found it here. thanks for providing price detail.


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