Marc Lancia on Tour - LVP Venezuela

Marc Lancia, Planet Eclipse Sales Rep, and PJ, one of our best Planet Eclipse Techs, recently attended the final leg of the LVP Tournament Series in Venezuela. Having never been to an LVP event, the tournament gave Marc a great insight into Venezuelan Paintball. Marc was met with open arms, and looked after well, reinforcing Venezuela's hospitable nature.

 "The event was a great opportunity to speak with the players and teams in order to heed how successfully Paintball has been established here, as well as to appreciate the bright future for Paintball in this country. It was great to see PJ here providing superb technical support to the players by keeping their markers running smoothly for the duration of the event. PJ also provided the players with Player Tech Classes which is a great way to pass on technical maintenance and troubleshooting skills to the players.

The LVP Tournament is probably the best-run South American Series that I have ever attended - You couldn't ask for a smoother event. Viper TC, the tournament organisers and local Eclipse Distributor, brought in three professional PSP Referees to train the LVP reffs as well as to help adjudicate during the event, thus giving extra confidence to the players that accurate and correct refereeing was being practised.  Another feature was the punctual nature of the event. In the past I have been to events where the games didn't commence until 11am and didn't finish until 7pm at night! That was certainly not the case at the LVP - The games started at 7am on the dot and were finished by 4pm.

The event itself took place at Viper TC's field which was literally on top of a mountain - We were above the clouds for the most part. With no guard rail and a sheer drop to the side of the windy road, it was an 'interesting' ride to the site. The treacherous journey, however, was more than worth it! The field was set up very professionally with air  and scoreboards in the pits and large scoreboard on the field. The field itself was a level as it could be. It had turf and a brand new PSP field. Also, its not often that you find running bathrooms at paintball field, let alone at the top of a mountain, but Viper TC provided excellent facilities. They also had a great concession stand with amazing fresh cooked food all day.

The only problem we had the entire weekend was rain. Although I was told it was uncommon for this time of the year, it rained hard all morning on Saturday and then the afternoon on Sunday but luckily it stopped before the semis and finals. The good thing was that all Eclipse markers kept performing just like they would on a nice sunny problems at all.

The skill level for players in Venezuela is very high compared to a lot of countries I've been to, which resulted in a lot of exciting games in both divisions. There were some long hard fought-out games but in the end Team Outkast won Division2 and Team Clover won Division3. I played with Team Dragones in Division 2 and helped them reach their first podium finish in Venezuela taking home 3rd place. Team Dragones was run by one of Planet Eclipse’s dealers in Venezuela, Giancarlo from Venezuela Paintball Club. Great group of players on the team and really looking forward to playing with them again and hopefully next time it will be a 1st place finish. 

Planet Eclipse Sponsored Team Fusion missed out on placing at this event but still secured enough points to take home the overall series championship!

Overall, coming to the LVP was a great experience and we look forward to working with Viper TC, the LVP Series and Team Fusion in the future. There are a lot of great things happening in Venezuela and its good to see Paintball continuing to grow in every corner of the world. We would like to thank Juan Carlos, Rafa and their Dad for having us. We also would like to thank all Eclipse Sponsored teams, Players and fans for attending the event. Without you paintball would not be where it is in Venezuela. Thank you everyone for the hospitality!!"

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