Not to late to avoid SOCKS !!

It’s nearly Christmas….

It’s not too late to pick up a bargain or two from the Planet Eclipse web site. There are some ideas for BIG presents and some stocking fillers as well as some GET THEM OUT OF HERE Bargains…

Last ordering day to get your stuff before Christmas is Friday the 16th December for USA and UK.... No Guarantees mind but we will try...

Check them out here:

Make sure your in the right currency.....

Also if you’re in the UK and just can’t decide what you want how about a gift voucher? Well, we have them at £10 each and you can redeem them by sending them in to Planet Eclipse or you can also use them on Planet Eclipse gear in full or part payment at Just Paintball or London Paintball Supplies (LiPS). So what you waiting for…. Your granny do go out and buy you’re the worse socks in the world??  At least if you’re getting socks get Planet Eclipse socks they are brilliant (did you know that the black ones are made from bamboo?)

Happy Shopping!!!