You Choose The Charity

Over the last few months we have been debating which charity should we donate a set of 20th Anniversary Markers to. It’s not an easy choice as so many people have been touched at some point in their life by some form of tragedy or other. What is very important to one person means very little to the next. So we have decided to let you, the Paintball playing public, have your say.

From now until the end of January 2012 we will be accepting recommendations from you guys. This may be related to something that has affected you or a friend or simply something that you feel strongly about. What we have decided to do is to choose one UK based charity and one USA based charity (due to the fact that that’s where our two main offices are located). Once all the recommendations have been submitted to we will choose (in our opinion) the five most note worthy charities and put them up on PBNation (USA Charity) and P8NTballer (UK Charity) for everyone to vote for. We will give the vote a week and at the end of the week we will have selected two worthy winners.

So, now it’s down to you guys to give us a reason to put YOUR charity in the top five. Whichever charity wins, it will be an amazing cause I’m sure so please don’t be upset if the charity you submit doesn’t get chosen.

Some people have already been discussing the charity 20th Anniversary markers donations and asked, "What good they would be to a charity?!"....Rest assured that we will work with the charities to make sure they get the most money they can for the marker set. We are not simply going to send the case in the post and leave it at that…. :-) 

We look forward to reading about all of the great causes in early 2012….

From everyone at Planet Eclipse have a wonderful holiday and he’s looking forward to a bright 2012.

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