4 Real 2

It's been over a year since the humans crash landed on the Skaarg home planet. After endless battles and losing warriors on both sides, the humans have finally set up a suitable stronghold.  Under the command of their new leader "Captain Rico" (Rick Fernandez of Top Gun Productions), the humans have refreshed their goal of trying to get off the planet successfully. Unfortunately, standing in the way are the Skaarg alien force. Headed by their recently appointed general, "The Gwaltinator" (Jeff Gwaltney of the SE IYAOYAS).  After losing his family and his alien force weakened in the struggle with the humans over the previous year, The Gwaltinator and his newly appointed forces have no intention of letting the humans leave his planet without exacting his revenge. Much to the dismay of The Gwaltinator, a ship was seen by Skaarg scouts flying over the camp and landing a few miles from their village.  At the same time the human scouts report the good newsto Capt. Rico.  And so it begins! Which force will track where the ship has landed and reach it first? Will those who occupy the ship be friend or foe?  Choose your side wisely. 

Will the humans get to go home or will the Skaarg get their revenge? 

Join us for this action packed game. Elite missions and special effects included!