Desert Edge Re-Sign with Planet

Since 2006 Desert Edge has been honored to be the premier woodsball team for Planet Eclipse.  After an incredible six year partnership, Planet Eclipse continues their support of competitive woodsball and scenario paintball by signing an extended two year contract with Desert Edge.  As a result, Desert Edge will continue to use the most advanced paintball markers, accessories, and soft goods in the industry.  The unparalleled legacy of quality and reliability of paintball markers such as the Ego, Geo, Etek, SL, and Etha is truly staggering.  In 2012, Desert Edge will be featuring Planet Eclipse's incredible line of HDE Camo clothing.  You can see the team showing-off the HDE Camo nationwide at major scenarios and competitive woodsball events.  

We are pleased to have Desert Edge as part of the Emortal Army once again. It is important to us to keep our family close and we look forward to working Desert Edge for a very long time. Desert Edge is a great group of players on and off the field. They go the extra mile to lend a hand whenever it is needed” says Marc Lancia of Planet Eclipse