GFOA early Intel ......

Front Line Intel about the GFOA has been captured by Planet Eclipse HQ:

We hope everyone had a safe and joyful holiday season. We are really excited about the 2012 GFOA season.  New daily developments are occurring with sponsors, rules, locations and everything in general. We plan on bringing you updates every two weeks to any developments that may be happening.

Currently we know the most sought after bit of information is events dates, locations, and entry prices.  At this point we can confirm two of these three bits of information. Dates are as follows:  March 3, 2012.  April 14, 2012.  May 12, 2012.  June 9, 2012.  July 21, 2012.  August 18, 2012.  September 15, 2012.  October 13, 2012.  And in early November will be the Seven man Slam.

Locations: At this time we are only ready to announce the first event March 3, 2012 will be at On Target Paintball Ga. Located in Macon. The other event locations will be shared in weeks to come. We have been diligently looking at other fields, and will have our final decisions soon.

Event Pricing: The GFOA is proud to announce that with last year’s sponsorship and this year’s sponsorship there will not be any changes on the pricing.  2012 pricing will remain the same as last year at $199.00 for all three divisions.

Just a hint of next release topic, is the prize structure for D-5 and D-4 will be greatly increased. How Much, make sure you watch the GFOA Face book or the GFOA website for these announcements.