Super6 . . . . . . . .

The UK’s Super6 Scenario event dates have now been launched and with only a couple of weeks away from the first event (District 10 on the 5th February 2012) things are hotting up…

The Super6 have launched their first E-Magazine dedicated to Super6 Scenario events…

Check it out here:

And something a little special at the first event of the year (on the Saturday before the main game)… Planet Eclipse Factory team and CPPS series Champions ‘Disruption’ are giving up there time to show you some of the skills they use on the Supiar fields that can make the difference between winning and losing in the woods as well….

The Super6 series runs a program of Academy sessions at each event. One session is always classroom based and the other field based. Some are designed specifically for new players to introduce them to Big Game paintball and some are specifically designed for more experienced players to help them upskill their game. All the Super6 Academy sessions are free of charge.

At the first Super6 of 2012, District 10 at Skirmish Nottingham, the Planet Eclipse team Birmingham Disruption will be running the field based Academy session. The session will be entitled ‘Transferable Skills’ and will focus on the technical aspects of tournament play that can be transferred into the woods.

Basic skills that many tournament players have drummed into them from an early stage are often absent from Woodsball players who seldom undertake any formal training as part of their hobby. So ‘Dickie’ and ‘Pikey’ will be spending some time passing on some of those basic skills to scenario players who are interested in improving the technical aspect of their game play. Skills like tucking in, shooting left and right handed, supressing, snap shooting and how to fire effectively on the move will all feature in a program that is sure to be very popular with the attending players.

The session will begin at 2pm and sign-up details for this free Academy session will be released in the Super6/1: District 10 Player Pack which will be published on Thursday January 19th on the Super6 website (