X-Factor Needs YOU !

On January 28th and January 29th 2012 aspiring Paintball players that feel that they have got what it takes to play at the very highest professional level and become one of the X-Factor squad, will have the chance to shine in front of the X-Factor team.

X-Factor are looking to add to their already impressive roster and invite anyone that thinks they have what it takes to sign up to the weekend.
Planet Eclipse ETV will also be attending the weekend to film the event, so the camera shy need not apply.

So what’s going to happen during the weekend….

Day 1 (Saturday 28th Jan):  Arrive on site by 9:00am. Players should expect to run conditioning and Paintball specific drills with simulated game situations. Cuts will be made throughout this day as we see fit. Final Saturday cuts will happen after the 1 on 1 competition. The winner of which gets a ‘free pass’ into Sunday.
Saturday Night
… Everyone that has made it thought to the Sunday is expected to attend a casual dinner at a local restaurant, Chuy’s.

Day 2 (Sunday 29th Jan):  Arrive on site by 9:00am. On Sunday, players can expect more of the same drills along with full game scrimmages. This will be the final chance players have to impress the X-Factor team.

Grayson Goff Said “We are looking for players who are hungry to learn and have that same special competitive edge that brought X-factor to top of the pro brackets. Teams are afraid to play us and we should feel the same about you…...Be warned some people could and will be cut from the very start”
Have YOU Got It ??????

X-Factor Paintball Park,
18239 Bracken Dr.,
San Antonio,
TX 78266

Cost: $5 per person

Paint: Field Paint Only @ $45 Case (expect to shoot about 2 to 3 cases).

Food:  Not Included. Possibility of getting food on site but best if you bring your own. You will need money for meal on the Saturday night at Chuy’s.
You need to bring everything with you that you need to play Paintball (except Paintballs).

Local Hotels: Will be posted on the facebook page soon.

Booking in: No need to book in but we would like people to register their interest via our Facebook page and any question you have please also direct them to us via Facebook.