Pub Crawling announces their 2012 schedule and boy, do these guys (and gals) ever slow down? That’s the question, and certainly we now know why they are so thirsty…all the time!

2/25-26/12 Bearclaw Paintball and MPP scenario game… Tennessee

3/17/12 Poco Loco Paintball and TSSOC scenario game… Pennsylvania

3/24-25/12 Paintball Charleston and MPP scenario game… South Carolina

4/28/12 EMR Paintball Park Castle Conquest… Pennsylvania

5/19/12 OXCC Paintball scenario game…Maryland 

Memorial Day…private party at the Bitter End with a snooker tournament…if you know then you know

7/21-22/12 Fort Knox Paintball scenario game… Indiana

7/28-29/12 GRC Paintball and Viper scenario game…New York

8/12/12 OSG Paintball scenario game… New Hampshire

9/08-09/1 Planet Eclipse big game, Wakefield, England

11/10-11/12 Paintball Charleston and MPP scenario game… South Carolina

Of course this posting here means that Planet Eclipse has secured Pub Crawling as one of their Flagship Scenario team for years 6 and 7! We are convinced that this team represents the best of both worlds…paintball and drinking. By committing to play in 10 games in 7 states and 2 countries we believe that Pub Crawling continues to lead the way in defining the ‘paintball lifestyle’.

Team captain, MJ, said this, “well, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if we didn’t have a partnership with Planet Eclipse we would just be private customers, because the best is the best…and they are the best at what they do. There is no doubt that the Etek line of Ego markers is top notch, affordable, and flawless.”

Be sure to stay till the end of the games Pub Crawling attends for a chance to win their famous prize package of sweet swag!

Finally, we asked MJ what we could expect from Pub Crawling this season. “well, we ended 2011 with a 4 award game…a MVT, MVP, General’s Special Service, and the coveted PIA award from the opposing general (pain in the ass)…so, I’m not sure how to top that, other than to say, be sure to look out for us rolling with a tank this season at several events.” A TANK, we think that’s the last thing these guys need, A TANK! Imagine that.

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