Brew City Mix & Match Tourney

Brew City Paintball PSP Mix/Match Tourney

Will be held at Brew City Paintball Saturday, February 18th starting at 7pm.
Field will be set up day of and teams will be able to walk it starting at 6:30pm.
Registration closes at 10pm on Friday, February 17th.

Who Can Play?

Any level of player is welcomed! Teams will be random so everyone has a chance!

69.99$ A case for paint.
25$ Entry fee per person.
Half off rentals! We have ETEKS!!! (limited amount)
Teams will be picked randomly on the day of the tournament from a hat.

Over $2000* in prizes!!!
All entry fees are going towards prizes of Planet Eclipse dollars, good for anything on the Planet Eclipse website purchase directly through them.
We are doubling all the entry fees for the tournament prize pay out. So if 60 players sign up that’ll be $1500 in entry fees. Then it will be doubled to $3000 for prize payouts.
Prizes will be places 1st through 4th divided out 40/30/20/10%.
Will be a 5 man mix and match if 40 people sign up. If less than that it will be a 3 man. We have no minimum for a 3 man tournament, so this tournament will played no matter what.
Minimum of 7 games for each team to play.
*Prizes based of minimum of 40 people signing up.

Modified PSP rules, no coaching, semi auto NO RAMPING
Chrono will be at 280 fps.
Will be based on a point system.
100 points per game max
50 pts. for flag hang
25 pts. for first pull, must just touch flag, no minimum steps.
5 pts. for each player alive
-10 pts for hot guns or ramping
-20 pts for caught wiping
-10 pts for playing on (dirty flag hang)

How it will run:
Teams will play a minimum of 7 games, possibly more. Once those games are played, points will be added up and the top half teams will move on. Points will be reset and those teams will then all play each other. The top two teams will play for 1st and 2nd. And the next top two teams will play for 3rd and 4th.

Example of Point System:
Say two teams of five are playing and one team has the first flag pull (25), 3 players alive (15) and a clean flag hang (50). They will receive 90 points for that game.

Proudly Reffed by Marquette University

We’d like to also thank Planet Eclipse for making this tournament possible!