FREE Etha Rental @ Super 6

The Planet Eclipse Etha is turning out to be a BIG crowd pleaser. Pretty much everyone that picks one up and sees the outstanding qualities the ETHA has to offer in such an inexpensive package is blown away. YouTube videos are popping up all over the place of people putting the ETHA through its paces and loving it. (Do a search on Youtube for ETHA Paintball)

This Weekend at Skirmish Nottingham at the Super 6 D10 scenario game London Paintball Supplies (LiPS) will have several ETHA to loan out FREE OF CHARGE to anyone that wants to test drive the ETHA at the event. Simply pop over to the LiPS booth and speak to Jon. He will ask for some ID and you also need to give him your current Marker as deposit and your away (you will need your own loader and air system, etc). All we ask in return is for your e-mail address so we can drop you a message to see what you’re thought of the ETHA.

So what you waiting for?

The Planet Eclipse ETHA… We would like to introduce YOU to the Planet Eclipse Family….