Girls, Girls, Girls !!!

On the 18th of February, a girls’ tribe arrives on the field of Starter Park, in south of France (13). A huge relief for Harpies paintball team, because we have seen the field last week and it was totally covered with snow. This weekend was dedicated to girls who play paintball. Girls came from every part of France. It was really nice to see that so many girls ran through the country to take part in our second edition of the Girls Day. 

The field was great and attractive but before got into, an appetizing breakfast was waiting for us. Then we began with a warm-up which took place in a good mood. After that, all the girls introduced themselves, then explained their paintball life.

It was high time to begin the real training. So we started to explain the basics of paintball: how to hold your gun, how to do snap shot …

We put in place some working groups, Harpies divided themselves up to give the girls advices. We pursue with some more technical drills: girls learnt how to run with their guns, they also did “run and shot”.

We had a break then, and once we have eaten, we attacked serious things: how to make slides ! Harpies knew that slides were the pet hate of a lot of girls. But all the girls were extremely motivated and they forgot their fears. It was a great success!

Harpies' coach, Cyril JOB (Icon) was also here to help girls with is huge experience in paintball. We finished the Saturday with some games. We were many girls so three teams could be created. A funny end for this first day, everybody applied what they had learnt during the day. In the evening, we all ate together, nice evening.

9:30 am, Sunday morning. Girls were on the field, even if we were a little bit tired. As the previous day we began with an amusing warm-up. Then, everybody caught their gun, and we launched into more technical and physical exercises than the day before. The girls were rising to the challenge.

Cyril made a little briefing about generalities of paintball, in order to help girls in their vision of the game. Before beginning the game, we got into small groups where we explained different aspects of the game. Girls took care of what they did, this was amazing. We finished the 2nd Girls Day with a lot of games. It was in a great atmosphere, then the girls left the field and packed their baggage.

Harpies thank all the girls who participated, our coach and of course, Starter Park for the field.

Also a big THANKS to jM - InFy f or the pictures.