Rumours rumours…

Little birdies keep chirping in our ears telling us that we are not supporting the NPPL this season. So to set the record straight.

Planet Eclipse’s number one priority is to the players. It is our goal to support the players with tech support as we have always done, at as many events as we can. Planet Eclipse have for the last several years been in attendance at the 3 Major World Paintball Series the NPPL, PSP and the Millennium series and 2012 is no different.

Rest assured that if you have a technical issue or just want advice on your equipment during 2012 at the NPPL, PSP or Millennium Series the Planet Eclipse Pro-Tech-Tours will be on hand to help you out.

Planet Eclipse will also try and cover as many events as we can worldwide, be it scenario events or speedball events. Planet Eclipse are training more techs in more places around the world to better support our customers. We wish we could be at every event and that is what we are working towards..

Rumour Quashed…..