Video Round Up !!

Short Video round up…

Only three this week for you….

The first is Part One of the self made Icon Documentary ‘A Whole Season’. What has impressed me the most about this is the fact that Icon have done it themselves, they have spent the time and effort to put something like this together. According the Cyril Job part 2 is MUCH Better!

Marseille ICON: A Whole Season -Part 1 from ICON Job on Vimeo.

UTB….. Normally I get sent links to video’s that people like or think I should watch etc.. However this one popped up while I was down the youtube rabbit hole. At first I thought it was a spoof, but I believe it’s actually real…. Weird, painful, but real…

Just in case you have missed the Latest 2-Minute drill from ETV… Here it is: (BTW, there are people that seem moan about everything in life….fact !! Planet Eclipse tries to make these videos to help people out and to give our pro’s some face time. I can’t understand why some people hate on these… makes my blood boil a little………..and relax).


  1. I really like the practice that they do.
    We will to implement in our clinic


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