Disruption Secure CPL Spot

Disruption have had a pretty ‘Disruptive’ off season; players retiring and an uncertain future to name just a few of the issues. But... the core of Disruption have decided to dig in and see what they could actually achieve. In early 2012 Disruption started to look at securing a Pro (CPL) spot in the Millennium series. After months of uncertainty the spot became available in the CPL and Disruption took the plunge into the Pro bracket. They had ideally wanted to earn their spot but this wasn’t to be due to a couple of poor performances in 2011. But Disruption have shown over and over again that they have what it takes. Disruption have won the CPPS series title 3 years on the run . . . But the CPL is very much a different beast….. And only time will tell if Disruption can tame it.

Also to strengthen their squad, Disruption have held trails and have not only found new players for the first team (Brennan Turner) but also started a feeder team ‘Disruption Entourage’ that will play in the Race-to-2 in the CPPS.

The first team roster for 2012 will look like this. 
Richard Kirkbright

Richard Pike

James Bath

Terry Ashmore

Jim McGowan

Martin Turner

Brennan Turner

Al France

Drew Templeton

Disruption Entourage, Disruption's feeder team has players from a few different teams. The first outing was last weekend at the CPPS where they won all of the matches - not a bad start at all. They were asked a few questions by the Disruption squad and we managed to get their answers..

 Name: Dave Skeen
Age: 30 (yeah I know :-P)
Experience: 3 years
Teams: Black Mambas 3 man, DV8
Best paintball moment: winning the 1v1 competition at the NSPA site.
Why I tried out: Tried out for the Disruption family as they are the biggest stable names in UK paintball With the drive and ambition that matches my own, hopefully providing me with the opportunity to get into CPL eventually.

Name: Jonathan Clarke
Age: 20
Experience: 3 years of ballin
Previous teams: Mean machine, Birmingham Temper, Reading Entity, Manchester Firm
Best Pb moment: campaign cup 2011 entity vs Hellwood Paris pulled a 3on1 down to a 1on1 and then ran the clock down for 6mins.
Tried out for disruption to get onto the top UK team to improve my skills and gain more experience as a paintballer.
Looking forward to ballin with the best and improving my game.

Names Andy Leach,
Age: 22
Experience: Played for 3-4 years with Manchester revolt, Draxxus effect, reading entity and now disruption.
Best moment was coming 7th in the SPL at Campaign - with the crowd cheering it was pretty cool. Tried out for disruption to eventually wangle a spot on the first team

Name: Darren Woolley
Age: 24
Experience: on and off for about 7 years (off through 4 years of uni)
Teams: Furion, Durham Dv8
Best Paintball Moment: Millennium 2011 Series, finally being able to play a full Millennium series after slumming it through uni for 4 years
Why I Tried Out: To get better, try and progress and play for one of, if not the, best team in the country

Name: Jack Robins
Age: 20
Experience: 5-6 yrs on and off the circuit (just spent a year and a bit volunteering abroad)
played with a bunch of teams staring with LOCK n LOAD and the last team prior Disruption was Birmingham TEMPER.
Best moment:  is hard to call but if I’m honest probably just hanging out at cup a few years back with some good mates and a few beers, watching Sunday paintball.
Why disruption? I’ve done the rest... now time for the best. Really looking forward to representing a brand as quality as Planet Eclipse and a solid team that so many people respect in the game.

From everyone here at Planet Eclipse we want to wish Disruption good luck in the CPL this season.