One on One Full Day Tech Class

Here at Planet HQ we get lots of requests for more tech classes. Over the last four months we have held three classes in the UK and trained over 30 ‘Techs’.

The classes we hold here can have anything up to twelve people but unfortunately due to the time restraints one-on-one intensive time with the pupils is impossible..

So to combat this and also to fulfill a demand we would like to introduce a very special opportunity.

If you are the type of person that wants to learn to build Planet Eclipse markers from the ground up; To have one-on-one tuition with a dedicated Planet Eclipse Master tech; and even to have the ability to build your very own Planet Eclipse Marker, then this is for you.

Students booking into this one-on-one class will attend Planet Eclipse HQ in Manchester, England for a 9:30am till 6:00pm full day technical training master class. On arrival you will be greeted by your personal teacher for the day, you'll be asked to  complete a few boring, legal forms then its off to the tech class! During the day you will build all four of the Planet Eclipse Markers (EGO, GEO, ETEK and ETHA). All four will have to be covered if you want to become a certified level 1 tech at the end of the course (if you pass the written test), but your tutor can also concentrate more on the marker of your choice if you feel you want to learn more about the EGO or GEO etc.

If you would also like to purchase and build your very own marker (don’t worry it will still go through the FULL Planet Eclipse test procedure), this can be arranged. We will also reduce the cost of the course by £100 if you decide to purchase and build your own marker. This option is only available subject to availability.

The technical training includes the building of four markers and learning the basic technical skills of maintaining any Eclipse products and also grants the pupil (if they pass) the chance to take the tech knowledge to the next level in the future by joining us and working alongside the Planet Eclipse Pro-Techs at various paintball tournaments/events in the UK which is ideal training for paintball technicians and stores that want to become an Eclipse Certified Service Centre and wants to enhance their own business. It’s also a nice addition to your CV.

The cost of the one on one course is £250 which will include lunch and refreshments.

If you are interested in taking part in this course please contact Planet Eclipse or call: +44 (0) 161 872 5572 to reserve your spot.

Available Dates:

Monday March 12th
Tuesday March 13th
Wednesday March 14th
Thursday March 15th

Wednesday April 11th